A little self indulgence (which is what I should have called this blog)

The main problem, I think, with being a sometime writer and enjoying sitting down and putting words to paper is that it’s really, really fucking hard to keep the lights on, the beer poured and the music playing with writing alone. Which is why I have to work a real job, and maintain a real career, one which I admittedly really enjoy but that can down my free time like a sorority girl downs lemon drop shots.

January has been the wildest at work in a long time–I’ve spent the last four weeks in four different states and parts of the country. It’s been a fun experience, but a total drain on my energy and personal time as well as resulting in me picking up an unfortunate habit of mainlining blueberry Red Bull directly into my veins on a daily basis.

But I digress.

This blog has been fun. I get to write about whatever I want, get my thoughts out into the world and blow off some steam. I’ve written posts about books (which nobody really reads), boxing (which a few people actually read) and music (which I really need to do more of given the fact that both times I’ve written about up and coming bands–Lil Dicky and People Vs Larsen–they shared it with their followers and my traffic exploded only for me to totally squander that momentum by writing a review of The Goldfinch or something as my next post).

I mean, look at that last sentence I just wrote–I managed to use the rarely seen ‘three-different-parentheses-digressions-plus-a-dash-digression-within-the-third-parentheses! And nobody is here to tell me I can’t.

And that’s why I’m gonna keep going with this thing here, even if there are occasional patches of silence. Even if I’m the only one who ever reads this–I still wrote it, and that alone is worth the time.


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