NBA Last Night: Random Thoughts

I work in the sports marketing industry, often closely with athletes, and am thus well versed in most sports of note in USA (and some sports not of note–like my weird passion for boxing). While the pugilists have taken my heart as an adult, my first love sports love was basketball.

I don’t write much about basketball, or football, or soccer, given the fact that the blogosphere (is that a word? sounds right) is already over saturated with people talking about these big time sports. If you want to read about what happened last night in an NBA/NFL/MLB game, there are 500,000 websites you can go to for this, plus discussion forums, social media outlets and radio/TV shows. It just ain’t that different, and you don’t need me to tell you that Kobe Bryant is getting old, or LeBron James is really good, or the Spurs play a cohesive and professional brand of ball.

But, every once in awhile, if the weather is shitty or I’m tired or the NBA is offering free League Pass for the first week of the season, I’ll spend a night in and consume what constitutes as a ‘shit ton’ of basketball. Last night was one of those nights. Here are my Random Thoughts from last night.

  • The Charlotte Hornets are back, and you know what? It’s good to have them. Seeing that team suiting up in that Hornets teal was one thing, but seeing that beautiful honeycomb court and seeing a fired-up crowd for their opener last night against the Bucks was a welcome sight. After years of playing in front of dead-energy crowds with a D-League nickname and jersey, seems like there’s a spark there. They’ll be fun, too, and their game was the best of last night with Kemba Walker hitting two huge Sam Cassell-balls-sized shots last night at the end of regulation (game-tying three) and overtime (game winning 20-footer).
  • The Bucks are a fun watch and they have a lot of young talent, but Christ do they play stupid basketball. They ran two horrendous plays when they had the bar towards the end of both regulation and overtime and they shit the bed with both of them. This is also at team that relays way too much on a mediocre player like Brandon Knight to make plays for them down the stretch. This needs to stop.
  • The Bulls will be dangerous this year. Their frontline (Noah-Gibson-Gasol-Mirotic) is straight nasty, and they’ve filled their role spots with shooters in Dunleavey, McDermott and the like, something they’ve never had in the Rose era. Rose himself looked explosive and fast last night, though very rusty. The burst is there, and once he gets his timing and feel back, it looks like he may be able to be close to the player he was before blowing out his knee that fateful day in May two years ago.
  • The Lakers are a trainwreck and they aren’t even the fun kind. They are a team with an old Kobe and a bunch of 11th men. Things went from worse to legendarily bad with the news that top pick Julius Randle was lost for the season after just one game. They may be legitimately the worst team in the league this year.
  • How in God’s name did the Brooklyn Nets lose to Boston last night. And a blowout at that! Amazing.
  • Last night the Pacers started: Roy Hibbert, Luis Scola, Chris Copeland, CJ Miles and Donald Sloan. That’s who they started. Just because they beat the Sixers, a team not even trying, does not make this better. That is sad.
  • The Rockets are very top-heavy this year, but if they stay healthy, they can play with anybody. Just doesn’t feel like they have enough bench to get it done, but in the playoffs with shorter rotations, they might be OK if Dwight Howard can stay out of foul trouble and Trevor Ariza continues his hot shooting. What scares me is that their backup center is undrafted rookie Tarik Black and their backup point guard is Isiah Canaan, Jason Terry is playing important minutes and Kevin McHale is their coach. Let’s see how far the Howard/Harden combo can carry them.

That’s it for now. Next time I’ll actually write thoughts down while I’m watching instead of making it up the next day, because I totally thought of some wicked hilarious shit that I can’t recall today.


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